Warm Up - Red Arrows
Players start in single file. A1 runs out 5m turns and gives a pop pass to A2 who is running onto the ball.
A2 runs ups to the 5m mark and turns and gives it to player A3 who is running onto the ball.
Coaching Points
  1. Ball in 2 hands

  2. Run Straight

  3. Gentle Pass

  4. Receiver have targets up

  5. Work pass from both sides

Drill 1 - Score a Try
Attacker (A) tries to beat defender (D)
Defender defends for 4 tackles.
Aim is to score as many tries as possible.
Coaching Points
  1. Keep hands and shoulders above waist

  2. Keep your head up

  3. Think of your footwork on approach to contact

  1. Look for space

  2. Back yourself

Drill 2 - 4 v 3
Attackers must try to score the try by beating the 3 defenders without getting tackled.
Coaching Points
  1. Keep head and shoulder above waist

  2. Look up at all times

  3. Communication

  1. Run into space

  2. Quality of pass

  3. Pass on engagement with defenders

Drill 3 - 5 v 5
3 tackles each with no kicking.
Aim is to score as many tries at possible in 10 minutes.
Think about space.
November 22, 2018 — Ryan Powell

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